About Me

So, hello!

Most of you who visit this site (probably by accident) won’t know me, but that’s okay. You share that with about 7 billion people, so now you have something in common!

I am the eldest minion out of two in my family and here I was sitting, thinking; I am horribly bored.
So what do I do when bored? Good question. Sometimes I write, sometimes I read, and sometimes I bake.
So hey, idea!
Why not write about baking and perhaps throw in a thing or two about my life?

Now that I can do.

I am 22 years old and have been around kitchens most of my life. I’m not at all saying I’m some kind of expert on anything, but I like to think I know a thing or two about some things, baking included.

I live with my mother and my sister in Sweden in a cluttered dreamers abode. There’s not much we don’t have or can’t make if we don’t already have it. This autumn, my mother and I rebuilt a room upstairs to a library, because that, we felt, was missing in this house. Unfortunately, that means that the kitchen that could perhaps really have used an upgrade, was left unattended. But it works, so I’m happy. It doesn’t really need to do anything else.

I try to update every other week on sundays. Evening for me here in Sweden.

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